<aside> 💫 Hello stranger! My name is Sophie. I am an optimistic and cheerful girl with strong passion to explore the world. I am sincerely hope I can find an interesting soul to explore our beautiful life together.




Height:5‘9“ or 1.73m


Zodiac sign:Capricornus

Relationship style:Mono and heterosexual(looking for Male)


My email address:[email protected]

My pictures:(I am a product manager in risk management field who care about privacy. Apology for the mark of my photos.)


What I am looking for

LOVE MYSELF: I am an asian girl who love myself and love my life. I am independent and mature person who sincerely want a mutual soul that we can explore our beautiful life together. I take relationship seriously and i know what i want clearly. So let us ‘date’ each other on the premise of a kind heart and mutual respect.

LOVE LIFE: I think that Life is a process of experience. I know myself better by experiencing the world. I have traveled many countries, like the UK, France, Italy ,South Korean, Thailand, Japan etc. I can see there’re variety of ways to live in the world. Different people in different countries live in their own ways. I can figure out what kind of life i want exactly through traveling. I want my life to be:with a man i love, with some achievement in my work, with the expectation in my day.

LOVE THE ONE:In my imagination, I think you should be also a mutual person who know what you want clearly. You should be kind, and responsible enough to start a relationship. Our relationship will be simple and happy. We will get together only because of LOVE, but no other reality factors, such as money, the needs of having kids or a spousal visa…